At Nilento Studio we can offer you recording, editing, mixing, mastering and producing services for all different kinds of music. Jazz, pop, rock, classical etc.

We also have a wide experience of recording music and speech for movies, radio and commercials.

We hope You do find everything You would like to know about us.

Welcome to a studio with a special atmosphere.



Beautiful & Relaxing

The studio is located south of Gothenburg in the middle of beautiful sceneries and a rich nature. Our ambitions to create productions with a natural sound obviously have been influenced by the environment outside.



Natural Sound

We always prioritize the instrument or human voice ambience, soul and charisma first since musical freedom to express inner feelings always is dependent of a natural sound. Each room acoustic possibilities are dynamic and can be transformed to fit any ensemble, group or artist.

We have adapt our business concept as a copy on the nature outside and past productions prove that we made the right choice 20 years ago.


More done per Hour

Saving time is one of the most important mottos of The Nilento Studio. It's directly connected to the global situation of the record industry. Every artist that has visited us knows that we always are extremely well organized and that this will save time for them in the end. Because of our efficiency, experience and teamwork, we start with "for example a trio" recording already after 1 hour

We are driven by our love for sound, acoustics and efficiency!