For projects that simply won't fit in our studio, for example symphony orchestras, chamber orchestras and big bands, we gladly bring our equipment and knowledge, and record at a location of your choice.


We are one of the most experienced in the field and with our top-notch mobile rig (see equipment) we’re capable of recording everything from solo performances to full Symphony Orchestras.


We examine your needs and the characteristics of your ensemble/band. We bring all the equipment we need to the premises we have booked, including microphones, microphone stands, multichannel recording system, backup system, headphone systems with 90 sets of headphones, and acoustic screens.


Protools HDX

We have invested in the most advanced in digital recording, Protools HDX. This allow us to record and mix in even higher bit depth, with higher track counts and more DSP processing power.

We always record in 96khz sample rate, 24bit wave format.