1 day recording with studio engineer 7.000 SEK (max quartet)


1 day recording with studio engineer 8.000 SEK (more than quartet)


1 day recording with producer Lars 9.000 SEK


Based on 8 hours per day include session setup, linecheck, soundcheck and backup. Hours beyond 8 hours will be debit

by hour.



Easy editing 750 SEK / hour


Mixing 1.125 SEK / hour

The mix will go faster when the recording is done in Nilento studio. Because the sound design by Lars & Michael, good recording rooms and the teamwork we have here.



Mastering 1.125 SEK / hour

The mastering will take 5-8 hours, depending on the material and total duration.


We can deliver

• DDP-2 file for CD replication (Includes WAV Files)  1200 SEK

• WAV files Only (Without DDP-2)                       300 SEK

• MP3 files                                            300 SEK

• High Resolution WAV Files                            300 SEK

• Mastered for iTunes (Includes Hi-Res WAV)            750 SEK

• FLAC files (Including Meta-Data)                     750 SEK

• Listening CD from DDP                                300 SEK

• Re-mastering for vinyl (from the CD mix)                 1900 SEK



More options

Preparation / unpacking before arrival                1200 SEK

(for a faster start on the recording)

Hard drive archiving in Nilento                        600 SEK



Pianotuning with Steinway D grand piano 2.100 SEK / day

Nilento is one of a few recording studios in Europe with a well-preserved and amazing sounding Steinway D grand piano. We are very keen to keep right moisture and temperature levels to make sure the piano stay in perfect condition. A new feature also allows recording of MIDI alongside acoustic piano recording.



Overnight stay in the studio

350 SEK / PP and night

Sheets and towels

120 SEK / per set (or bring your own)



All prices in SEK without VAT/tax


Location recording

Please contact us


For more information and prices, please contact us









We are authorized by Apple to use their next generation AAC encoding in our mastering process.


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