The Nilento Studio is designed for changeable acoustic situations and can easily be transformed from either a big band environment into a perfect recording room for a classic choir, piano trio or solo artist performances and film music recordings.

The big live room can be converted into 4 rooms , including the Iso Booths this gives you a total of 6 separate rooms. All are naturally acoustically-treated.


Concerning monitoring we have a Aviom A-16 Personal Mixer system installed. This means our artists always can listen to the music in whatever way they need to produce a fine result.


More rooms and communication system

We are able to record in 7 separated rooms, all acoustically adjusted in collaboration with Eora Sound Engineering.

Each room has a wall mounted LCD monitor and a camera, wich can be used for video recording and enhanced communication.


Protools HDX

We have invested in the most advanced in digital recording,

Pro Tools HDX. This allow us to record and mix in even higher bit depth, with higher track counts and more DSP processing power.

We always record in 96kHz sample rate, 24bit wave format.



Saving time is one of the most important mottos of The Nilento Studio. It's directly connected to the global situation of the record industry. Every artist that has visited us knows that we always are extremely well organized and that this will save time for them in the end. Because of our efficiency, experience and teamwork, we start with "for example a trio" recording already after 1 hour