Baroque masterpieces for bassoon and harp

Delphine Constantine-Reznik, Roman Reznik


October 28, 2016


Delphine Constantin-Reznik, harp
Roman Reznik, bassoon

Recorded 2015 in Hemsjö church, Alingsås
Sound Design, Lars Nilsson
Recording Engineer, Michael Dahlvid
Mixed and mastered by Lars Nilsson
Coordinator, Jenny Nilsson
Layout by Ulrica Sasko Design AB
Produced by Lars Nilsson

This recording offers a nostalgic trip through 18th century Europe at the peak of the Baroque period. The bassoon and the harp were already popular instruments but it was very unusual for composers to write music for these two instruments together. Despite that, they unite in a fascinating sound full of contrasts. Like practically all Baroque music, the music on this CD includes works with “basso continuo” or figured bass which could be played by basically any instrument, in this case harp. Over time both the bassoon and the harp have gone through big changes, especially with regards to register and the ability to play chromatically. The addition of the harp’s pedals made the instrument much more flexible and on a modern bassoon one can play much higher which makes it possible to play music originally written for flute or violin.


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