Studio recording

Recording in the studio

Nilento Studio is designed for various musical situations, which require changeable acoustics.
The studio can easily be transformed from a big band environment into a perfect recording room for classic choir, piano trio or solo artist performances and film music recordings. The big live room can be converted into four smaller rooms (A, B, C and F), including the Iso Booths (D, E) this gives you a total of 6 separate rooms. All are naturally acoustically-treated in collaboration with Eora Sound Engineering. Each room has a camera and LCD monitors for communication.

Location recording

For projects that simply won't fit in our studio, for example symphony orchestras, chamber orchestras and big bands, we gladly bring our equipment and knowledge, and record at a location of your choice.

We are one of the most experienced in the field and with our top-notch mobile rig (see equipment) we’re capable of recording everything from solo performances to full Symphony Orchestras.

We examine your needs and the characteristics of your ensemble/band. We bring all the equipment we need to the premises we have booked, including microphones, microphone stands, multichannel recording system with backup system, headphone systems with 90 sets of headphones, and acoustic screens.

160 channels recording in High Resolution with backup system. All in 96khz sample rate combinated with custom fitted preamps & microphones for the best result.

Video recording & Streaming

Camera system for videos, live recordings & streaming

With our system of 8 PTZ Panasonic HD-cameras you can get video in sync to the Nilento Sound directly.
It can be used for streaming live concerts/events, promotion/teaser material, documentary films and music videos etc.
With the Tricaster TCXD860 video switcher we have the ability to edit video in real time, or use Adobe Premiere pro in post production.

The system is not confined to the studio. It can with little effort be moved to a location of your choice where our specialized team can offer you a complete video and audio production with high quality.

Live & Front of house

Teamwork and a good relationship with the performers is high priority for us.
The technology should not be an obstruction for the artist to give a top performance.
We will always focus on the music to give the audience the best listening experience.

Allen & Heath dLive S5000 Digital mixing system (128 channels) with TC M6000 and Exponentional Audio Reverbs
Allen & Heath SQ-5 for monitor mixing

55 Lavalier microphones for strings with custom made multi-cable for rapid setup
High quality studio microphones for all instruments

Aviom A-16 Personal Mixer System
Up to 80 wired in ear monitors with individually adjustable volume
16 small monitors for the ensemble

Sound design & Consulting

Customize the sound for all kinds of different performances.
With long experience of mobile recordings and live concerts, we can help you design the soundscape to fit your production.
With our proven processes and tools we design sound that touches, builds atmosphere and enhances the impression.
Let the music touch the audience in the way you want. 

A selection of live performances

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde China Theater in Stockholm with Mikael Samuelsson, Myrra Malmberg, Sarah Dawn Finer
Sven Bertil Taube Hommage 
Ted signerat Peter Nordahl
Spelman på taket Spira Jönköping
Göteborg Wind orchestra- Det strålar en stjärna
After Game with Jacob Karlzon

Konserthuset Play

We have a collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm and broadcast several live shows every week. Nilento takes care of filming & sound design for these concerts.

GSO Play

We have a collaboration with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and their GSO Play streaming platform.
All concerts are auditioned in the studio and tweaked before broadcast.


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