Debussy: Works for Piano

Claude Debussy, Bernt Wilhelmsson


December 7, 2018


Produced by Jenny Nilsson and Bernt Wilhelmsson

Recorded by Joar Hallgren

Mixed and mastered by Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studio, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2018

Layout, Michael Dahlvid.

Cover Photo, Viktor Sundberg

Claude Debussy's four master pieces Estampes, Images 1, Images 2 and Suite Bergamasque are assembled in a new recording by the Swedish pianist Bernt Wilhelmsson. Bernt Wilhelmsson made his solo debut with The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra in 1997 and is now internationally active. He grew up on the island of Orust along the West Coast of Sweden, surrounded by barren nature and the ocean, and has always felt a fascination and closeness to Debussy's dreamlike piano music with its descriptions of nature. "Debussy's music is a treasure I carry with me, that has enriched my musical life in an immeasurable way with its fantasy, colorfulness and poetic tone language."

Bernt Wilhelmsson has a Soloist Diploma from The Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, where he is now Associate Professor in piano and musical interpretation. He has been touring the US, South America and Europe as a soloist and chamber musician. Bernt has also recorded the album "Swedish Piano Romanticism" containing Swedish piano music by Wilhelm Stenhammar and Emil Sjögren.


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