Livgardet 500 år

Livgardets dragonmusikkår, Arméns musikkår, Marinens musikkår


December 3, 2021


Livgardets dragonmusikkår, David Björkman (conductor)

Arméns musikkår, Andreas Hansson (conductor)

Marinens musikkår, Alexander Hansson (conductor)

The Swedish Armed Forces Music Centre´s celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Guards Regiment, part of  the Swedish Armed Forces.

An anniversary recording to celebrate the history of the Guards Regiment through a performance of military music.

In this recording we offer music from several centuries and composers, as well as music commissioned for this special occasion, such as “Possunt nec Posse videntur” a fanfare by David Björkman, “Gustav Wasa Svit” by Nils Lindberg and “ War and Peace” by Jerker Johansson.

All performed by the Swedish Armed Forces Music Centre´s three professional bands:
The Royal Swedish Army Band, The Royal Swedish Cavalry Band and The Royal Swedish Navy Band.


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