Making Something Out of Nothing

Tommie Haglund, Emmi Christensson, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra


March 11, 2022


Emmi Christensson (Vocal)

Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

Conductor: Joachim Gustafsson

Composer: Tommie Haglund

Lyricist: Per Gessle

Producer: Lars Nilsson

Mixing engineer: Lars Nilsson

Recording engineer: Joar Hallgren

Recorded at: Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden

Recorded: September 2021

Record Label: Nilento Records

A unique collaboration  

Making Something out of Nothing is an extraordinary evidence of how it is possible for composers and musicians from different genres to meet and collaborate. The lyrics of the song, by Per Gessle, is about the journey through life and the music is composed by Tommie Haglund. Both Gessle and Haglund are well known around the world within their different genres of music.

Making Something out of Nothing, performed by Emmi Christensson whos successful career includes, amongst other things, the lead role of Christine in The Phantom of the Opera, and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

The music is conducted by Joachim Gustafsson and was recorded at Stockholm Concert Hall in September 2021, produced by Lars Nilsson Nilento.


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