Nordic: A Fragile Hope

Göteborgs Symfoniker


February 23, 2024


Nordic – A Fragile Hope is a concert project about our vulnerable sea and the fragile hope we have for our future created by film and nature journalist Joakim Odelberg and the Gothenburg Symphony. Five prominent composers have presented newly written music for unique images from the Nordic coasts projected in the Great Hall of Gothenburg Concert Hall and premiered on February 21 2024, directed by Andrea Östlund. Join us for a breath- taking story about the great challenge of our time.

Recorded at Gothenburg Concert Hall in June 2022 and May 2023 Conductor: Christian Karlsen
Recording producer: Lars Nilsson
Recording producer on ”Mosaics” and ”Submarea” Arild Erikstad Recording engineer: Joar Hallgren and Michael Dahlvid
Editing: Joar Hallgren, Michael Dahlvid and Lars Nilsson
Mixed and mastered by Lars Nilsson at Nilento studio, Göteborg
Idea and concept development: Joakim Odelberg, Magdalena Nilsson, Marco Feklistoff, Kristiane Norvoll and Sten Cranner
Editor: Jenny Svensson
Graphic design: Magdalena Nilsson
Photos: Karl Gabor, Eetu Linnankivi, Patrik Karlsson, Francis Löfvenholm, Joakim Odelberg, Ola Kjelbye, Saga Sig and Dave Stapleton
Retouch: Elin Alexandersson and Magdalena Nilsson


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