Paganini, Niccolò - 24 Caprices

Jan Stigmer


April 9, 2014


Jan Stigmer - violin

Recorded in Nacka Aula 2012
Mastered by Lars Nilsson in Nilento Studio
Pictures by Mr.Moo
Produced by Jan Stigmer 

Paganini's 24 Caprices is undoubtedly one of the most legendary and beloved works in music history.In every generation, there are only few violinists who master all 24 and this is the first recording by a Scandinavian violinist. Swedish violinist Jan Stigmer marks his return after a three year absence with a recording of the 24 caprices by Niccoló Paganini. The first recording ever by a Scandinavian violinist, it focuses on the richness of Paganini's musical palette. "It has always fascinated me how Paganini managed to create 24 pieces of music, all of which are unique in their idea and character. It is all here - from the most extroverted to the most intimate, from the simple to the imaginative, almost intellectual, from the sorrowful and introspective to the carefree and humorous."

Jan Stigmer created by a man considered by many contemporaries to be not wholly of this world, there is no debate regarding Paganini's importance for the development of the violin. But the sheer physical challenge of the caprices can easily leave the listener with the impression that this is all about making a virtuoso impression. But given proper care, the caprices reveal a composer who had both depth and sensibility to match his phenomenal technical talent.


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