Point of life

Thomas Darelid


April 21, 2017


Thomas Darelid - piano
Jenny Kristoffersen - double bass
Anders Kjellberg & Per Lindvall - drums

On ”Forever Sand”:
Tove Darelid - cornet
Lina Darelid - flugelhorn
Agnes Darelid - trombone

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Nilento Studios, Gothenburg
Sound Design, Mix and Master by Lars Nilsson
Recorded and Edited by Michael Dahlvid
Art and Cover design by Carl-Johan Martinius
Produced by Thomas Darelid

With ”Point of Life”, pianist Thomas Darelid has finally completed the trilogy* of albums in which the interplay of the two drummers Per Lindvall and Anders Kjellberg is a crucial matter.
Together with the talented Jenny Kristoffersson, who now contribute with her sparklin ́ melodic bass, they here create a new collection of twelve instrumental songs in which Darelid, as the composer, gets to show his mastermind in melodies and modes.
Recorded at Nilento Studios, Gothenburg, this new album focus on lyrical piano, warm swinging basslines and the relaxed, happy collaboration between Kjellberg and Lindvall, the two most blessed players, by far, in this field.
Every song recorded in total confidence of letting the moment decide which way the music must go, this album, with it ́s pure form of a somewhat extended piano trio, let ́s us come in close contact with a couple of musicians who seems to know, just exactly, what music is all about. (* the two ancestors in this trilogy: ”Tio sånger utan sång” (MM02) and ”Rhythms of the Heart” (MM 15), are at this moment, unfortunately, out of print. Maybe, one day, they will appear on a streaming service, or a secondhand boutique, near you.)


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