Seven Songs From The 70s

Erik Weissglas


May 3, 2019


Produced by Erik Weissglas and Tomas Johannesson
Recorded and mixed by Tomas Johannesson at Carpenter Road Studios, Piteå, May 12–13, 2018 Recording Assistant: Jonas Lindström
Mastered by Lars Nilsson and Michael Dahlvid at Nilento Studio
Coordinator: Jenny Nilsson
Photos courtesy of Björn Ahlgren and Jan Backenroth Photo of car interior: Christopher Ziemnowicz Cover by Ulrica Sasko Design AB
John Assar Nordqvist-Sandström · Jonas Zeidlitz · Jonas Burman · Rudy Pensa Bruce Petros · Captain Engineer François Chanot · Tama Drums · Meinl Cymbals Jonathan Olsson · Evans Drum Skins · Electro Harmonix Effects
Special Thanks to Jonas Lindström

70s jazz left us with some beautiful melodies and harmonies, but compared to previous decades they were few and far between.
Jazz was busy with so many other things in the 70s.
On this album four of Sweden’s top shelf players explore seven of these scarce 70s compositions by Chick Corea, Bill Evans, and other jazz greats.
All four started their life-long jazz journey as kids in the 70s.
This album’s instrumentation probably is a first-time-ever in jazz: guitar, double bass, drums, and a cello as soloist and main melodic carrier.
The album was recorded and mixed in 2018 at Carpenter Road Studios in Piteå by Tomas Johannesson, and mastered at Nilento Studio by Lars Nilsson. It is released on the label Nilento Records.


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