Signerat Riedel



November 16, 2018


Pelle Anelid - Trumpet and flugelhorn
Hans Åkesson - Alto saxophone, clarinet and flute
Lars Sehlstedt - Baritone saxophone and bass clarinet Lars Hedlund - Trombone
Niklas Hakegård - Piano
Mats Bergström - Bass
Olle Bohm - Drums and vibraphone
Georg Riedel - Bass on track 12

Produced by -  Georg Riedel and Lars Nilsson
Recorded February 5-7, 2018 in Nilento Studio, Göteborg Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lars Nilsson Assistant engineer, Michael Dahlvid
Secretary and contractor, Jenny Nilsson
Translations: Daniel Emilsson
Photos: Daniel Emilsson, Noomi Riedel, Lars Sehlstedtn

During the fifties and the sixties it was common for jazz groups to include four or five horns. When rock music became the music of the new generation, this type of composition was seen less and less. Due to its rarity it is an exciting opportunity to, after all these years, write music for that very composition again.

/Georg Riedel


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