Places and Dreams

Svensson, Hannah


October 15, 2019


Hannah Svensson - vocals
Jan Lundgren - piano
Ewan Svensson - guitar
Matz Nilsson - bass
Zoltan Csorsz - drums
Produced by Lars Nilsson

Critically acclaimed singer and songwriter Hannah Svensson releases a new album: "Places and dreams" which consists of newly composed material by Hannah as well as interpretations by Joni Mitchell and Dave Castle. The music is characterized by strong melodies and the material on the new album is a meeting between jazz and pop harmonies with plenty of room for improvisation. The group's musical influences range from jazz, pop and blues where their own sound goes like a theme through each song.

The album as well as live concerts feature four distinguished jazz musicians: Jan Lundgren (Piano) Ewan Svensson (guitar) Matz Nilsson (bass) and Zoltan Czorsz (drums) who together with Hannah form a fantastic group.

Hannah Svensson paves her own way and with five albums established herself as one of our most appreciated jazz singers. She is heard in many different combinations and contexts both in Sweden and internationally.

“I see music as a lifelong journey and with this album I have landed in something new that has always been within me. Some of the songs are written almost ten years ago, they have been lying there, waiting to be picked up at the right time and context. "Places and dreams" is a summary of things that have inspired my life. A dream can take me to new places, but a place can also create dreams, whether it is far away on the beach in Malibu, a beautiful day in the Gothenburg archipelago or a Friday afternoon in Copenhagen. ”Says Hannah Svensson"Hannah Svensson's vocal ability and timing is evident from the first to the last tone" - Orkester journalen, 2018 "Svensson has developed a magnetic stage presence" - Jazz journal, 2017.


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