The Unrecorded Fox

Lasse Lindgren Big Constellation


May 25, 2018


Recorded in Zagreb June 2014. Sound engineer Sasa Wozdecky.
Recorded in Gothenburg February 13-15, 2017 in Nilento Studio. Recording producer and engineer Lars Nilsson
Assistant engineer Michael Dahlvid.
Mixed and mastered by Lars Nilsson, Nilento Studio, Gothenburg.

Spirits 1 was a tribute to Maynard Ferguson, one of my great trumpet heroes. We were able to record this thanks to my very good friend and manager Ernie Garside and my “Big Constellation”. When it became apparent that Ernie was in possession of a large collection of unrecorded MF-material, the idea was born for a follow-up album. It turned out to be a brilliant mix of arrangements that was not only enough for one but even a double-CD and so I thought, OK why not? My goal is to play the music in my own way, in a personal, creative process. I am not trying to be MF or copy him, which would be both impossible and uninteresting. I just want
to be myself and, together with wonderful fellow- musicians, help to keep the music alive, as it rightly deserves. Maynard was often called “The Fox”, so here it is - SPIRITS 2 - THE UNRECORDED FOX.


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