Then Svenska Messan HRV 404

Göteborg Baroque


September 24, 2021


Göteborg Baroque (Orchestra)

Anna Jobrant (solo) • Ann Kjellson • Anna Maria Friman Henriksen

Amanda Flodin (solo) • Tobias Nilsson

Leif Aruhn­-Solén • Carl Johan Lillieroth

Karl Peter Eriksson (solo) • Arvid Eriksson

Antina Hugosson • Marie-­Louise Marming • Jesenka Balic Zunic • Pernilla Berg • Gabriel Bania • Juliana Shapiro

Johan Tufvesson • Torbjörn Köhl

Per Bengtsson • Kennet Bohman track 1, 2 • Jonas Albrektsson track 5, 6, 11, 12, 13

Violon Cello
Christian Berg

Mattias Frostenson

Dohyo Sol

Conductor: Magnus Kjelsson

Producer: Lars Nilsson

Mixing engineer: Lars Nilsson

Recording engineer: Lars Nilsson, Joar Hallgren

Edit: Joar Hallgren

Recorded at: Christinae Church, Gothenburg, Sweden

Recorded: September 7-10, 2020

Record Label: Nilento Records

Graphic Design: Jocke Wester

Grammis nominerad 2022!

Göteborg Baroque is pleased to announce the release of Johan Helmich Roman’s Then Svenska Messan, one of the most significant and beloved works in Swedish music history. Roman was a pioneer who was far ahead of his time, and today we see him as the founder of our modern musical culture. Göteborg Baroque has received accolades for its rigorous study and expressive presentation of older music in a way that makes it engaging for an audience today. With this recording, we are proud to be able to introduce this important work to an international audience.


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