Våra systrar gå i brokiga kläder...

Leif Strand and Leif Strands Damkör


April 17, 2024


Våra systrar gå i brokiga kläder consists of both wellknown and less famous poems by Karin Boye and Edith Södergran, set to music by Leif Strand. Leif Strand´s women´s choir is participating, together with a broad range of famous Swedish female singers like Helen Sjöholm, Sharon Dyall, Rigmor Gustafsson and musicians like Jan Lundgren, Per Lindvall, Dan Berglund, Svante Henrysson, Jan Allan and the chamber orchestra Camerata Roman. The cover photo is taken by Elisabeth Olsson.

Leif Strand´s women´s choir was formed by Leif Strand as he moved to the west coast after a long career on the eastern side of Sweden. His idea with the choir was to create a unique instrument for his compositions, and Våra systrar gå i brokiga kläder was one of the first projects for the choir, where he uses the whole spectrum of his creative music making by setting the string orchestras tone against the sound of the small naked jazz ensemble. The different expressions of the female voice completes the musical world of this record.


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