Jesper Giöbel


Phone: ‭‭‭+46 76-255 41 65‬‬

Born in Karlstad, but raised in Gothenburg, Sweden. I have been interested in music since I was a little kid and was raised listening to a lot of reggae. I then moved on to rock music and heavy metal, but in the last years I’ve been more into electronic music as well as designing my own sounds and processing audio in different ways.

I played the french horn when I was a child and then I started playing drums as a teenager. I took a course in electronic music production at Karlstads University while I was working at my previous job before Nilento and that made me realize that I wanted to dive further into the world of audio. I studied audio and music production at Teknikhögskolan where the practical aspects where done in Svenska Grammofonstudion. After that I had my internship with Nilento and then got hired just after that in August 2023.

I’m a vinyl collector and sometimes I work as a DJ in the weekends playing in bars, clubs and underground parties. In my free time I’m usually sitting with my cat in my home studio tweaking knobs on my drum machines and synths, sampling vinyls and producing my own electronic music mostly influenced by 90’s electro and house music.

At Nilento I am tracking and recording, filming and editing both video and audio and pretty much everything in between. I am very happy to be able to work with what I love and to be a part of the Nilento team.


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