Lars Nilsson

CEO, Producer

Phone: ‭+46 70-493 07 70‬

I was born in Sweden in a town called Kållered, which is located south of Gothenburg. I grew up with my family, two sisters, two brothers and my mum and dad. My mum likes to work with people an my dad is an inventor.In my family we had a lot of music. All my sisters and brothers played different instruments. I started to play the trumpet when I was five.

Since the music took the most of my time I went to the music high school in Gothenburg, which was a good preparation for further studies at the College of Music to be a trumpet player. After my studies I worked for ten Years as a professional trumpet player in different symphony orchestras, wind-wood orchestras and pop-bands.

Since I also was very interested in sounds I had a dream to start a studio. So about 25 years ago Jenny, my wife and co-worker, and I started Nilento studio together.In the studio I like to do a lot of things. For the most I produce, record, edit, mix and do mastering. Sometimes I also play the trumpet. Whatever I do, the most important for me is to bring the music to peoples’ hearts.

Jenny and I live together in a house next to the studio. We have two wonderful boys Joakim, born in 1992, and Markus, born in 1999. On my free time I like to be with my family, walk in the nature with our two dogs, Lilly and Sandy. My life is, in short, my family and the sound of music.

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Ambassadör of Molndal 2017

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