Michael Dahlvid


Phone: ‭‭‭+46 76-884 98 45‬
E-mail: micke@nilento.se

Born and raised in Hjo, southwestern Sweden. A small town with a musical scene not really worth mentioning.

I started playing the violin at age 10 but after 5 years of terrorizing my loved ones, I got my eyes open for the world of rythm and started banging drums at the age of 16.

I have a lot to thank my father for. He's the one who got me in to the world of music and not to mention the world of computers, which is a knowledge that's least said valuable.

The high school of music and production in Skara got me interested in stuff beyond drumming. The art of recording is a world of endless possibilities and that fascinates me. So after my graduation at high school I started as an apprentice at Nilento in the autumn of 2008.

Here at Nilento, my main duties are tracking and editing, and just about everything in between.

Other than music, my main interest lie in computers and video games.  I also like to read, mainly fantasy and other fiction.



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